Monday, December 8, 2008


I [Joy] moved from Brisbane to Melbourne to study midwifery in April 1972. My sister Jane traveled with me, in my green Volkswagen 'bug'. Upon arriving in Melbourne we went to our Aunty Halley and Uncle Harold Nicholls' home, the Baptist Manse in Coburg. The next day, Sunday, we were taken by Uncle Harold to a missionary meeting of the Slavic Gospel Association, in Camberwell. As we entered the Church building, Uncle Harold saw Noel's father, Edgar Johnston, whom he knew as the Presbyterian minister in a neighboring suburb, Reservoir. Jane and I were introduced to Rev Johnston, as someone who would know our father. Edgar introduced us to his son Noel and others in the group.

Noel and I flirted from that moment. It wasn't long before we both realised we were attracted to each other, and six weeks later we became engaged.

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