Wednesday, December 10, 2008


How quickly this year has passed! Once again we are receiving wonderful letters, emails and cards from our family and friends. In this brief letter we want to renew that link with some we have known all or most of our lives, as well as with those whose journeys along life’s path have only recently shared with ours’. We trust that this Christmas and new year will be a time of joyful celebration, reflection and refreshment for you.

We want to take this opportunity to thank God for another year, in which we have been well and able to continue making contributions to our community, and our family. We value simple pleasures around our home and garden, and I (Joy) enjoy Thursday morning tennis when I can.

Noel has continued his work focus in the Aitex business, as well as fulfilling the commitments as Session Clerk at our Church. I have enjoyed another year of midwifery practice, including teaching and mentoring, and volunteer work with mothers and babies in peer support groups. Any work commitment can be deeply demanding at a personal level, and we value the support and love we receive and give within our dear family.

Recently I have worked on a fairly ambitious project to place family photos and historical records on the Internet. I have set up a series of blog sites, each one focusing on a line within our families. This work does not require a high level of technological skill, and blogs are free to set up. I have enjoyed the challenge of collecting and displaying family photos and information. Links to the various blogs can be accessed from

We are hoping to be with our young ones for Christmas dinner in Bendigo. We hope to have a family photo to add to this letter, which will be stored with other annual letters at the family blog.

We look forward to contact with all our dear family and friends, whether it’s a phone call or a cup of tea, or a longer visit.
With our love
Noel and Joy Johnston

PLUS a couple of pictures of Grandpa and Granny in action.

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Jen said...

Is this delicious little girl your Poppy?! Wasn't she just a baby?! How time flies! She is divine & I'm so happy to read that you are all well. My Erin (now 2) has her Aussie grandparents here in Pennsylvania for Christmas right now :o) Though you & I are far, far apart, I feel blessed to have you in my life Joy Johnston. Merry Christmas. Love, Jen Semple