Monday, December 8, 2008


December 2000
Loving greetings at this festive season, as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour.

The photo on the front of this homemade card is our most recent family portrait - taken 12 months ago.

The year 2000 has flashed by, with hardly a dull moment! Joy has been well occupied in her midwifery practice, and related political and professional activities. She has been appointed to the Nurses Board of Victoria, which has the statutory duty to 'protect the public', through registration of nurses and midwives, and dealing with complaints.

Noel's endeavours to establish a new business seem to be reaching a positive conclusion ... we believe that his long period of under-employment will soon come to an end.

"Never shone a light so fair,
Never fell a sweeter song
as the chorus in the air
chanted by the angel throng.
Ev'ry star took up the story:
"Christ is come, the Prince of glory,
come in humble hearts to dwell.
God with us, God with us
God with us, Immanuel."

F J Crosby

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