Monday, December 8, 2008


The children and spouses and (most of the) grandchildren of Frank and Ella White.

Cousins at the White family reunion, Mt Tamborine, Qld.

21 December 2001
This letter comes with our love, and as an expression of our thanks to you for the contribution of dear friends and loved ones in our life's journey. We have been blessed during the past year, and over many years, with a very wonderful family and group of friends.
Our four young ones continue to bring us much joy, as they take up their chosen fields of work, and mature roles in our society. We treasure our time with them, and the trust they they place in us as parents, and sometimes as confidants and mentors.

Noel has continued to pursue the establishment of business that focuses on water treatment with the chemical Chlorine Dioxide. ...

My work (Joy) in midwifery and through writing and political activity has continued to be enjoyable and very challenging. I believe I have been given a special role in the reform and improvement of maternity services.

The sudden and unexpected home-call of my dad soon after his 90th birthday brought us to a time of sadness combined with rejoicing. Our family reunion in October was a wonderful and memorable time. One ongoing project is the establishment of a family homepage on our website - it contains some documents and photographs which we treasure.
We wish you God's peace and strength as we move together into the new year and new opportunities in 2002.

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