Monday, December 8, 2008


January 2000
A memory from my childhood is writing letters to Grandma or to family friends. I remember starting with the same words each time:
"Dear Grandma, I hope you are well. We are all well."
As I 'grew up' I decided that sort of letter was too childish. Now I am close to 50 years old, I am returning to the essence of that statement:
"We care about you, and we want you to know that we are OK."

Our children have grown and each is living an increasingly independent and individual life. It would be difficult for me to write a brief report on each. I hope the photograph tells you something of who they are, and that each of the four is treasured and respected within our family unit, and within their circle of friends.

Noel and I have continued to work through the changes that have confronted us since he was retrenched from his University job. While continuing to search for appropriate employment Noel has provided invaluable service to us, and to his mother, and has worked consistently within our Church.

In many ways Noel's lack of paid employment has enabled me (forced me?) to advance more in my professional activities. I had, for many years, seen myself primarily as the home maker, with midwifery being my outside interest - along with painting, patchwork, gardening, and other simple delights. That has changed to the point where my time is now fully committed to midwifery - a couple of births each month, and many other professional commitments. The more homely interests are luxuries that I engage in when time and energy allow. If you want to know more about midwifery, please go to my website.
We are grateful to God for good health and strength, for provision for all our needs, and for family and friends with whom we share this journey.

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